About Osteopathy

Osteopaths are primary healthcare providers who use hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions and dysfunctions in the body. Our highly trained hands release any strains that are present, relieving pain and discomfort. We improve movement in your body, assisting with posture and overall vitality.

Central to the principles of osteopathy is the aim to restore a healthy balance between structure and function in the body, and to support the body’s self-healing mechanisms. As osteopaths, we emphasise treatment of the whole person, rather than just their symptoms.

Osteopathy was pioneered in the late 1800s in the USA by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, who was also a physician and surgeon. He developed a hands-on approach to restore optimum health to the body, using precise knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. This detailed knowledge is part of all osteopathic training worldwide, and includes anatomy, physiology, pathology and bio-mechanics of the body.

About Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is a refined and gentle treatment approach that releases strains throughout the entire body. Through extensive post-graduate training, biodynamic cranial osteopaths develop the skill to palpate motion patterns inherent in the muscles, joints, connective tissue and fluids of the body. This allows diagnosis of physical strains that can be released to restore healthy and optimum movement of tissues.

Rather than focusing on fragmented parts, biodynamic cranial osteopaths use their hands to listen to the whole body, enabling the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. During a treatment, the osteopath gently holds various parts of the body to feel subtle expressions and movements, and allows these to reorient the body towards health.

Biodynamic cranial osteopathy is a highly effective treatment approach that is suitable for a wide range of conditions in people of all ages. As it is very gentle, it can be used for babies and children, the elderly, and people with delicate or degenerative conditions.

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