Cranial and gentle techniques to help children

At Harmony Osteopaths, we treat babies, children and teenagers primarily using cranial and other gentle techniques, which are effective and non-invasive for their growing bodies.
Use of the cranial approach for babies releases strains in the head and throughout the body to relieve problems such as irritability, unexplained crying and colic, unsettled sleep, spilling and reflux, flat shaped heads, difficulties with sucking/breastfeeding, urinary or bowel issues, breathing problems and ear infections.
For children of any age, treatment can remove restrictions caused by growth or falls, and help with health complaints such as asthma and other respiratory conditions, ear infections, bladder or bowel issues, as well as mood and behavioural difficulties.
Osteopathic assessment and treatment is especially beneficial for teenagers to help with postural complaints and musculoskeletal pain due to sporting activity, and stress and fatigue, as well as balancing hormones and improving mood.

What Our Osteopaths Treat