Our Osteopathic Approach to Back Pain

Back pain is one of the more common complaints seen in our osteopathic clinic, and can have a variety of presentations in terms of duration and serverity. A lower back in health and balance will provide both good support and mobility. If there is restriction of movement, there is more likely to be increased strain on the back. Restriction and strain can come from a number of sources, for example: posture, overuse, inappropriate load bearing, viscera (internal organs), pelvis and lower limbs. The aim of our osteopathic treatment is to look at the body as a whole and to identify and treat the cause of dysfunction. Some complaints may need further investigations, such as an x-ray or MRI, in which case we would refer a client to the relevant sources.

The term sciatica has become a commom term to refer to lower back pain. Sciatica is a set of symptoms rather than a diagnosis. These symptoms include pain, numbness, weakness, and pins and needles. There are a number of causes of sciatica, and we consider these in our treatment of these symptoms.

Techniques used for lower back complaints are tailored to the individual and may include joint mobilisation and stretching, as well as cranial osteopathy. These techniques are applied with the goal of restoring mobility, reducing inflammation and tension, and preventing further epsiodes in the future. Practical and achievable advice to help prevent further dysfunction is also a valued part of the osteopathic consultation.

Osteopathic treatment for low back pain and sciatica

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