Osteopathic Pregnancy Care

During pregnancy women undergo dramatic changes in posture and mobility. Our osteopaths aim to assist women to adapt to these changes using techniques that are best suited for the individual. If the spine and pelvis and surrounding muscles and ligaments are functioning optimally, this can alleviate discomfort or pain, as well as allowing an easy passage for the baby to descend for childbirth.
The maternal pelvis changes significantly during pregnancy and childbirth, and osteopathic treatment can help the body readjust to a comfortable post-partum state. Post-partum treatment can both prevent and remedy back or pelvic pain, as well as assist with energy, sleep and post-natal depression.
Osteopathic treatment is also fantastic for menstrual problems, such as painful, heavy or irregular periods, and a cranial approach benefits hormonal balance which can assist with premenstrual issues

Osteopathic treatment while pregnant

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