Our Osteopathic Approach to Neck Pain

Neck pain can arise suddenly or can be the result of tension and dysfunction over a period of time. Neck pain or neck injury when acute can result in the inability to even turn the head, due to muscle pain or underlying joint dysfunction. Traumatic injury like whiplash will rarely effect the neck alone, due to a transfer of trauma through the body. Long standing neck pain can be the result of tension building through the upper back and shoulders, often due to repetetive occupational use.

Techniques applied by our osteopaths for the treatment of neck pain aim to address the cause of the symptoms. These include a range of techniques from joint manipulation to gentle cranial techniques, tailored to individual needs.

An important part of preventing future neck pain is using your body in an appropriate way, as well as retaining flexibility. Our osteopaths will give practical advice regarding posture and stretching when needed.

Osteopathic treatment for neck pain

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